OLÉO INTERNATIONAL offers a universal and personalised solution, regardless of  the type of your habitat.  


For new constructions or existing buildings, your Eau d’Oléo water system can be easily installed by one of our certified plumbers.
Trained in the specific characteristics of our solutions, these plumbers are genuine water quality experts. An OLEO certified installer will carry out your installation so that you can enjoy the advantages of a pure water throughout your home.

Lifetime of OLÉO products
The entire range of OLEO products (tanks & internal accessories) is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. The device is durable, wear-free and has a limitless lifetime. It is operated exclusively by your network’s water pressure so requires no electrical or other type of connection.

Maintenance & Cartridge replacement
Replacing your CARBON/PURE SILVER cartridge is simple. The approved plumber has to take out the existing cartridge and incorporate a new one. All of our devices with a serial number are listed in our data strip with your installation history. OLÉO INTERNATIONAL will call you back in due course to replace your cartridge. We make sure your device works properly for your pleasure to always consume a better water.


The Eau d’Oléo stainless steel tank is guaranteed for a period of 8 years from installation. The Eau d’Oléo CARBON/PURE SILVER filter cartridge is guaranteed for a period of 4 years from installation. The filter cartridge warranty is granted with the installation of a pre-filter provided by OLEO INTERNATIONAL and the installation of a by-pass and two 3-way dispensers so that the customer can periodically perform a “backwash” and change the sediment cartridge. The pre filter has a manufacturer warranty of 2 years off consumables.

These guarantees are given for residential use in compliance with sizing and for a connection exclusively on network water in accordance with European standards.

Guarantee limits

a. –The dimensions, colour and weight of some of the materials used in the construction of our works are subject to minor variations inherent in their nature or manufacture and benefit from the tolerances of use which cannot, as such, fall within the framework of the warranty.

b. –The warranty does not apply to defects or damages resulting from the lack of maintenance, the effects of normal wear, abnormal use, partial or total transformation of the constituent elements.

c. –The warranty does not apply in the case of external phenomena such as shocks, fires, explosions, lightning and in general, any event, action, circumstance or environment unknown to us on the day of the order.

d. –Intentional or accidental damage, as well as damage caused by accident or vandalism, are excluded from the warranty.

Conditions of execution of the warranty

The warranty is always limited to the replacement of parts found to be defective, by identical parts or products, without any compensation or consideration for any cause (delay, accident, damages and interest etc.) The guarantee does not cover the use by customers of interventions by persons outside our Company. Any request deemed abusive to implement the guarantee may be billed for the costs generated (travel package, intervention time, etc.). The contractual guarantee cannot be implemented in the event of a payment default for the product by the client.

Conditions for the return of defective equipment

No return of material will be accepted without the prior written consent of our Company. The cost of depositing, packaging and resting products will be borne by the customer as well as the cost of transport back to the Company’s premises. The cost of transporting the replaced or repaired products to the customer’s home will be borne by our Company. The return of defective equipment does not exempt the customer from settlements on time.

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