OLÉO INTERNATIONAL, manufactures water and air treatment systems, based on an exclusive patented Carbon/Pure Silver technology manufactured in France.

Oleo International manufactures a filtration system that meets all the water needs of a home: drinking, cooking, personal hygiene and of course for household chores and the supply of household appliances. The water we find in our taps continues to deteriorate for reasons known to all: industrial and agricultural discharges, excessive consumption of medicines, the degrading state of water pipes and water pollution in general. 

Protect your water, Protect your health


8 years of research with the CNRS and a worldwide exclusive patent

3 industrial sites in France for manufacturing, mounting and logistics

18 years in the industry

5 years of existence for Individuals

An ecological commitment

And more and more passion…


In the late 19th century, Louis Pasteur demonstrated the decontaminating properties of silver.

Later came the idea of combining the absorbent properties of activated carbon with the antibacterial power of silver.

The methods used did not succeed in bonding these two materials with sufficient stability to prevent the release of the silver.

From 1993, the latest technological advances in the fields of vacuum and plasma environments have enabled scientists to design a completely stable product that delivers all the benefits of activated carbon without its drawbacks.

The resulting process is called SILCARB® (PUR SILVER CARBON)

From this process, OLEO INTERNATIONAL product range emerged.