You are :

  • Entrepreneur in direct sales to individuals
  • Entrepreneur in the construction industry
  • Commercial or technical business entrepreneur
  • Freelance sales agent
  • Plumbing artisan
  • Home improvement systems installer

You are a SME, individual company or a micro-enterprise.
You are attentive to the market functions and evolution.
You are sensitive to ecology, in particular to the water quality.

Our Trade Policy

We sell our filtration systems to professionals like you. We deploy throughout the territories through accredited agents. They are the ones who market and install our systems.

We never sell directly. You are the one who sell to individuals and/or professionals users of our systems (Hotel, Restaurants, Bakers, Hairdressers, Health, Administrations, etc.).

There is no zone exclusivity, each accredited agent can market our products wherever they wish to. 

There is no product exclusivity. Admittedly, it is preferable that you exclusively sell our range of products. But if you’re already marketing other products, you can add our product range. For example, you can add our purifiers to the sale of heat pumps, insulation, verandas, kitchens, etc.

Our priority is you. For us, customer satisfaction of those using our systems depends on the quality of the relationship we have with you, Accredited Agents. If you are satisfied with our systems and services, you will want to satisfy your customers by suggesting our products first and foremost. That way, your customers will be satisfied, you will do business and so will we. This is what we call a “Win-Win-Win” situation.

Our Pricing Policy

Our prices are harmonised at a national level so that the retail price of our products is the same everywhere.

Our systems are classified as “high-end”, guaranteed for up to 8 years, requiring little maintenance, but entailing in an annual visit on your behalf (optional maintenance contract) to ensure an impeccable water quality in continuity for all habitat and to follow up on your customers.

Your image associated with the distribution of our purification systems will position you as professionals offering only Quality.

To find out your purchase prices Oléo Agent, Request for a private meeting.


The quality of the products, the power of the network, the knowledge of the market

What we offer :
  • A buoyant market: ecology; well-being and health
  • A High-end positioning with a 20 years proven technology
  • Administrative, scientific, technological, medical certifications
  • Conclusive tests of the effectiveness of our technology carried out by independent bodies
  • The strength of an international network
  • The perfect knowledge of direct selling and its challenges

We are not only a system provider, we are your partners and we will bring you, if you wish, all that is necessary to the growth of your revenue with us. Some items below are included in the accreditation license, others are optional or in self service via your secured platform.

Request for a private meeting.


Do you want to become an Oléo Accredited Agent in your area?
It’s simple, contact us, we will call you back at soonest to study the feasibility of your application.

Here is how a candidate becomes an Accredited Agent:


  • You offer high-end, solid, easy-to-use, and above all efficient equipment
  • You immediately generate revenue through each direct sale
  • You generate a recurring revenue through the maintenance contract (optional)
  • You retain a loyal customer base that will bring you more new customers